Brutes are the largest non-boss necromorphs in the game, they are highly armored in the front, and the best way to take them down efficiently is to dodge the charge attack, and shoot it in its vunerable area on its back (the yellow area)

another way to kill them is to take them head on, and shoot them in a small area between the armored plates on their shoulders. this will cause the brute to huddle into a ball for a short time, during which time you can get behind the Brute and shoot it in the vulnerable area on its back.

You can shoot off its limbs individually but this requires great accuracy and a large amount of ammo, if you in-capacitate the Brute without killing it, it will shot an explosive blob from its mouth aimed at Issac, and will explode on contact, you can use your kinesis module to catch the blob, and throw it back at the Brute.


  • It is not recommended to take on a brute without any statis charage.
  • Brutes can move incredibily fast, often steam rolling Issac. Be prepared to dodge its attacks.


The Brute when killed, will either drop a Power Node, Diamond semi-conductor, or Ruby semi-conductor, and will occasionally drop 5,000 credits. Brutes only drop one single item at a time.